Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amethyst Nectar: A Matter of Interpretation

Written for 3WW - Drank, Hitch, Muster

McKinley handed Honor a crystal flute filled with bubbling lavender liquid.  Smiling, Honor accepted the glass.  She leaned back into the voluminous velour cushion of the sofa and gazed up at McKinley, brown eyes sparkling as if all the stars in the sky were trapped behind the irises.  Until that moment, up close and personal for the first time, McKinley hadn’t realized just how lovely her eyes were, chocolate hued, almond shaped, lashes like butterfly wings.

Is that adoration I see in her eyes?, he asked himself as he sipped the fizzy amethyst nectar.  “Won’t you drink too?” he asked. 

Honor cocked her head to one side, arched an eyebrow questioningly.

“It is safe.  I swear, I would never, ever, ever harm you.”  McKinley meant that from the bottom of his heart, the part about never hurting her.  Drugging her into submission was another thing altogether.

Honor slowly lifted the flute to her lips.  Before she drank she said, “Yes, I trust you.”  Her voice, like the soft patter of raindrops against a clay tiled roof, made him feel warm inside.

McKinley’s heart hitched in his chest.  Dare I believe?...


Honor accepted the long stemmed glass from McKinley but had no real intention of drinking the purple goop.  It looked pretty enough but she’d tasted amethyst nectar before and she found the concoction abhorrent.  In an effort to put as much distance as possible between herself and McKinley, Honor leaned back, nearly disappearing into the deep cushion of the sofa.  McKinley was smiling down at her, those flint gray eyes insane as a rabid dog’s.  In fact, that is exactly what he reminded her of.  McKinley looked like he wanted to eat her up.

Is that hunger I see in his eyes?, she asked herself.  Nausea passed over Honor in a hot wave.  Honor drew on her deepest reserves to muster even the semblance of good manners.  She’d realized early on that the only way she would make it out of McKinley’s compound safely was if she played his game.  She was good at games and it was obvious that McKinley was a sucker…for her.

“Won’t you drink too?” asked McKinley over the edge of the glass.

Honor cocked her head to one side, arched an eyebrow questioningly.  Is he crazy!?  He could have spiked this with any number of drugs.  He must think I look like a fool.

“It is safe.  I swear, I would never, ever, ever harm you.”

Honor slowly lifted the glass to her lips.  Before she drank she said, “Yeah, right.  Like I would ever trust you.”  Holding McKinley’s gaze, Honor filled her mouth with the appallingly sweet liquid.

McKinley’s hand went to is chest as if he were trying to still his heart and his face went as soft as a puppy hopeful for a treat.

Honor shrugged.  She just couldn’t do it.  She could not pretend to like the freak, no matter what.  Old Mother had always said that Honor’s attitude would get her into trouble.

In a fine arching spray, Honor spit the amethyst nectar into McKinley’s face.




  1. Interesting story makes me want more like what happened next.

  2. Seems like there would be a lot she could accomplish if she could play off his sympathies. No luck there if he's going to force drugs on her, though. I guess defiance will be her best option.

  3. Damn, that was juicy post. Can't wait to read more!

  4. I like the way you concluded this part of the story. For some reason I think there might be more to come?