Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just A Sec

Chapter 24 has taken two different directions, each one in opposition to the other. I worked on each direction and half way through I realized that neither line worked well. So I've scrapped them both for now and will wait until the REAL path reveals itself.
I think that part if the reason I've had such a hiccup with this chapter is the recent work I've done on my submission for NPR's 3 Minute Fiction contest. I submitted my story last Friday and today they started posting their favorites. They'll continue to post favorites until the winner is chosen in November.
I actually submitted last year in round four and I was one of the favorites posted on the NPR website. Root for me this time around, okay?
I think that working on this submission derailed my chain of thought because the mood and setting and characters was so far removed from H&T. Actually the character that I wrote about came to me as I was doing an in depth outline for a story I've lived with even longer than H&T. It sort of ripped off my energy.
I am immensely envious of people who are prolific and can simultaneously write in different genres or time settings.
Why can't I be so flexible? Where would I get the time?

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