Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hey All.

I've done it again…being late, that is. 

This time, it wasn't so much life that got in the way, but me.  I realized as I was writing that I was attempting to reign this story in, when it simply could not be.  I wanted to guide the characters when they wanted to walk their own course.  Silly me.  I gave in, finally.  Chapter 20 is quite a bit  longer than initially intended and as such I have decided to do two things.

1. I will give myself the extra time to complete the chapter and to do a good clean edit. (I think I failed on that account with the last chapter in my haste to get it out in a timely manner, although we all know it was late anyway.)

2. I will submit Chapter 20 (which is sort of a milestone for me, Yay 20!!, and as such this extra time and attention seems warranted) in two parts.  Part one will be submitted on the 15th of June.  Part two will be submitted one week later on the 22nd.

You may have noticed that The Artist is taking time away from H&T for a few months until September.  The Artist is working on a new, different, breakout project that requires full attention.  I wish The Artist good fortune on this endeavor.


  1. Can't wait to read it, K! I too have some experience with stories that want to go their own way. DR was originally meant to be a short story! :D

  2. You know you're doing something right when your characters argue with you. :-)