Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Computer Issues, Technology, The Artist, and a Destructive Restore

You'd never believe this, I know I can't. I pulled my computer onto my lap this morning while still in bed. I was preparing to do a final edit on the first part of Chapter 20 - Debacle, when it shut off. I turned my beloved 17" Toshiba on several times and it did the same thing. Kaspersky told me (on one attempt to get my Toshiba up but not running) that some database is corrupted. Big ordeal. I tell you all of this as I write from my iPod. I will have to do a destructive restore.
This means I may be yet late again for this chapter. I feel like a boob cause I am excited to put it out and move forward with the tale. I'm excited to find out what happens next. And For more good news, The Artist may rejoin me sooner than mid-September.
This unfortunate situation also has me more than a little disgusted with my (our, dare I speak for us all?) attachment to technology to the point where we're useless without it. At least I am. Gotta love it and hate it.
Well, provided I can get everything up and running this afternoon I will get the chapter out. I think I can if I can keep my patience and work hard on it.

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  1. yes we all have a love-hate relationship with our computers, especially pronounced when things go wrong. we need to keep a good set of anti-malware software updated and scanning often . i have mine set on auto pilot so they both are deep scanning late at night one a little distance from the other to avoid overlapping times. most will do light scans all day. i say a set of 2 softwares because what one doesn't get the other catches. i have had several viruses that my first did not get but my second did as these are 2 extremely different types of scans. there are so many different scans which can be light or very deep scans.light scans for daily scans and deep scans for hidden bug such as back doors.deep scans usually get rid of these during most scans.right now i am being attacked by simply being online and my software is alerting me that my system is under attack. it is just the nature of the business to track what parts of a site you visit is popular so the person tracking where you go can make the site more enticing to repeat visits.