Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogs of Interest, Writing, and Ristening

Back in January I blogged, ever so briefly, about a pinched nerve at T10 that had me bed bound, but not particularly productive, for about two weeks.  After a series of tests and imaging I learned that the pinched nerve was no biggie but that the herniated discs in my neck were.  Currently, I am in week two of my convalescence since surgery to correct this problem.  In this time off, I have been reading other blogs, writing for H&T, and ristening (reading/listening) to other books.
I just finished ristening to Asimov's Foundation.  Very impressive.  This is the purest of science fiction writing and it is so well done that it feels real.  ie. there is no hokey-ness about it.  It feels possible.  Not only that, but this was such an intellectual risten for me that I found I had to re-risten to chapters to catch the drift.  I will soon be moving on to the next story in the Foundation series.  I like the book but hmm, something is missing.
Currently I am ristening to Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama.  I'll let you know how that one goes later.  So far, not bad, and definitely better than Foundation.
Regarding work on H&T...something is happening.  I may be wrong, and the readers will be able to verify or not verify this, but the writing seems to have changed to me.  I feel as if H&T's most recent chapters and micro-short are written much better, more seriously, and more succinctly that previous chapters.  Unsure why this might be, or even if it is just my imagination.
Something else that has changed with H&T is the art.  The Artist is still working with me, bless her, but due to continued development/improvement and trial of new art techniques, there has definitely been a bit of a change in the way the characters look.  I am certainly not complaining, but it is noticeable.  At least to me.  What do you think?
Regarding some blogs of notice, there are two that I have come across recently that I think are worth mentioning and you'll find them in my blogroll.  Dark Roads and The Apocalypse Blog.  Dark Roads is a dark fun and fast-paced story about a brother and sister on the run from an abusive father who is also something much more sinister.  Dark Roads is well written and smart.  And the author lazo azavaar has a wicked sense of humor and justice.  This blog is updated each Friday.
Another blog of interest, something that I have only just started reading is The Apocalypse Blog.  It is written in a diary format and is about what happens in the life of a girl after a bombing and the rising of the dead, called shamblers.  Don't roll your eyes because this isn't your garden variety "good Lord, are you kidding me!?" zombie story.  Check it out and see for yourself.  Let me know what you think.
Well, thats it for me.  Come on back on the first for the next chapter of H&T.  I think we're halfway through.  I already know what I'll be working on next, but that is another post.
Lastly, check out The Artist's latest video tutorial on YouTube.  It is pretty cool!

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