Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Much to Do, So Little Time and a Bad Back

I thought about starting this post with "Guess what?", but I will refrain and simply get on with it.
I almost completely recuperated from almost two weeks on my back in bed.  To make this long painful saga as brief as possible, I will simply say that I awoke one day with a sore back and the next it was an angry muscle spasming numb and tingling horror that was pretty much unaffected by pain medication (unless I took way too much - which I did).  This lasted almost two weeks.
During that time, much of which was spent in narcotic/steroid madness/haze/thingy, I did some writing but none of it was on Honor&Truth.  There was this one night, when I couldn't sleep, I mean I literally saw the sun come up, when I had a few hours of strange lucidity.  I call it strange because I was concurrently in a state of extreme exhaustion, emotional lability, and the clearest most defined sense of where I wanted my current novel in progress to go.  You have no idea how significant this is because this novel idea has been floating in my head, unformed for the most part except for the few scattered bits I'd been able to write, for the better part of three years.  Suddenly, on that awful night, I was like Sherlock Holmes on a morphine binge.  I could finally clearly hear my main character talking to me.  Loud and clear.
While stuck in bed, I also remembered that I had a beautiful little HD video camera that I had not been using. I figured I needed to get down to it.  Also, I ordered myself a Bamboo pen tablet.  I want to learn to draw and do some different artistic things and....So much to do, so little time to do it in.
H&T will be about four days late as I got it to The Artist late and she has to put her touches on the chapter.
Well, that's what I have been up to. 

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