Saturday, January 8, 2011


I will happily accept being the one who is a little odd...I like that distinction to be honest, but sometimes I even surprise myself.
I am the only 40 year old mother that I know who plays PS3 with my kids.  I do it to entertain them, challenge them, know what they are into, and also to have fun.  Today, my favorite game to play (despite the fact that I am plain bad at it) is Mirror's Edge.  It is a in the not too distant future story of a young woman who is a free running messenger.  She lives in a fantastic/awful city that has no crime...but at what cost?  The cost is human freedom to communicate without being monitored.
Now this has got me thinking.  I have noticed that there are a ton of media that address this very type of idea, a future where we have lost our "power" in exchange for "improvement".
The Minority Report
I, Robot
I Am Legend (the movie, not the book)
The Matrix
Aeon Flux
Red Faction
Resident Evil (movies and games)
and so many more.....
So, the question this has me asking is what is it about our current life/world has people concerned that the future won't be so bright?  Why are we writing these kinds of stories?  I don't think that many people would be interested in reading a story where everything has turned out lovely, where all people are happy, where crime is non-existent, the environment is terrific and no one is poor or at war or...  Boring, right?  We need conflict.  But why this kind?
The things that influence my writing are, of course, other books, but also video games and movies.  I also eaves drop on conversations, sometimes twisting them in my head making them sinister or humorous or scientific.  Speaking of science, I also find ways to use the science I know and understand in ways that are authentic but also in ways that seem far-fetched and questionable.  I have fun with everything in my environment.  But right now games seem to take the lead.
What about you?

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