Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Super Duper Late, Self Blocking, and Orwell

Hey All.  It's been since the last of October when I embarked on my first (drum roll please) unsuccessful Nano.
Well...not that unsuccessful.  I am a glass half full girl and I like to think that while I did not make the word count (which I still believe is totally doable in a month) I am farther along than I was to start with.  I can list the things that got in the way of the 50,000 word count, but I won't.  Okay, maybe I will.
1. Extra long hours at work (I am an Oncology nurse and the patient load seems to have grown exponentially since the summer)
2. A major certification exam (that I failed the first time due to NO STUDYING) that I figured I might actually want to study for this time
3. That crazy perfectionist mental block thing that kept making me second guess everything that I was writing, the validity of the story, the social significance I wanted to imbue it with and my fear of imperfection, ie. I was being an anal writer and blocking myself.  Actually, I kept feeling like I wasn't able to create the right mood that I wanted for the story.  I realized that I still needed (need) to do more research.
4. I had a bit of a spiritual dip.  I got a little depressed (hence me being so late to get this next chapter out) and needed to give myself a break, take the time to work through it, say my prayers, and get back on the horse.
So here I am, a little better and I think I am ready.  Hehehehe.  Not that H&T has an immense audience or anything, but I do have a sincere attachment to the story and the tiny little group of lovely folks who take the time to read a few words here and there and leave fantastic, supportive, and constructive comments.
Allow me to share (as I always like to do) what I have been up to.  I have been writing a few shorts here and there, and I have a particular love for the very short pieces.  I have written a few drabble (short shorts of 100 words) and a few 6s (stories in six sentences).  This has at least kept my chops wet, so to speak.
In case I've never mentioned, I do like to listen to books on my mp3, especially since sitting for extended periods of time to do actual reading is difficult with my limited time.  Also, when I listen, I am able to multi-task. I found the book that helped me feel/create/sustain the mood for the story I worked on during Nano.  If you haven't read it, I'd like to suggest giving 1984 by Orwell a read.  I read it first a couple of years ago (seemed like everyone I knew had read it in high school, which made me feel pretty "not so well read") and loved it.  Scary in a realistically creepy way.  And in true Orwell fashion, full of social commentary that is relevant more than seventy years after it was written. Now that is the kind of stuff I want to write!
Well, I'm going to sign off here and wish you all well.  Keep in touch and tell me what you're reading.

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  1. I can totally relate to the extra hours at work, although in your case it sounds like it's due to misfortune. More cancer, more work. Not good. I hope for a good outcome for all concerned.