Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Unproductive Woman

Not sure how many of you were aware, but about two years ago (almost to the day) I published my novel entitled An Unproductive Woman.  This was an experience filled with an enormous jumble of conflicting emotions.  For one, at that time, the novel had been sitting in a box alternating from closet to garage for almost ten years, so when I finally broke it out with the intention of publishing, it was almost foreign to me.  I can't say that I no longer liked the story and the characters, but seeing as how I was ten years older, I did feel as if my writing and perceptions of life had changed quite a bit.  If I could do it again today, AUW wouldn't be written the same way.  But this is life...and growth, right?

But this is neither here nor there.  I published AUW because I believed in this story and its absolute ability to cross continents and cultures with its timeless theme of love and marriage and the hope we all have to one day right the wrongs we perpetrated in our youth.

I have recently republished AUW in  Ebook format, making it cheaper and more accessible for anyone who wishes to read it.  And I hope you all do.

Check it out here at Smashwords.

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