Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Little Piece of Software

In the comments area of one of my more recent posts, Leviathan suggested a really sweet piece of software called Write or Die.  I checked it out and I love it.  This is the perfect way to push your creativity forward and force you to move when your muse might be waning.  Even better, this sweet little piece of software might be just the thing to get those of you who intend to give NaNoWriMo a try this year, up to the 50,000 word count...without looking back.

I'll describe briefly, but you all need to check it out for yourselves.  You input your desired word count and how much time you want to spend getting there.  For example: 1000 words in 60 minutes.  You can also indicate certain other specifications, such as if you are allowed to backspace (You know, the dreaded time waster.  The excuse to edit the scant 25 words it took you an hour to write anyway.)  Then you write, blindly and full speed ahead until the time is up.  There is a mode called Kamikaze.  This one makes me laugh.  If you stop typing for a few seconds, it'll take the words you've already written away.  Really!  On the normal mode, the screen will go red.  At other times, it starts making crazy noises at you, forcing to move on.  The is a scale at the top of your screen that lets you see your progress versus the time you have left.

The thing that I like best is that you can utilize this software completely free.  Or you can pay ten dollars and get the desktop version.  I got the desktop version for two reasons.  1. Sometimes my wifi acts up.  2. Sometimes I don't want to be online, more distractions, right?

Check it out and...Check out Chapter 7 of H&T called Jorine and Jamal.

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