Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Long TIme

It's been a while since I have posted, more than a week I think.  Besides regular life stuff, been a tad busy, there is still that looming writer's block sitting right on my head.  To my credit, if I may give myself a kudo, I have pushed through the dreaded block and have written something almost every day over at my blog at six sentences.  Not all that good but something nonetheless.

Today has got to be the day that I push through again, because it is time to add more H&T chapters to the line up.  Our next chapter Siti on Segher is in the final editing stages and the art is underway.  Good thing here.

There are two items that I'd like to share with you here today.  Some of you may be familiar with NPR's Three Minute Fiction Contest.  I entered last year and while I didn't win I am still very proud to say that I was chosen as one of the favorites and as a result my story Mars: In the Beginning was posted to their site.  The contest is open again and accepting submissions through tomorrow 09/26/10 at 11:59.  Check out the rules people, and try for it.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to you all this neat site that I fell upon called 6Sentences.  Some of you have actually followed me over there, which is great.  You  know who you are!  And I am glad that you did.  There is another new site, well actually not new, just new to me, that you might enjoy called Thinking Ten.  The idea is to use the daily prompt and spit off as much prose/poetry as you can in ten minutes.  Check it out when you have a chance.  It has been thanks to the 6Sentences format (brevity makes perfect in my eyes) that I have been able to remain somewhat productive through this dreaded block.


  1. keep on keeping on - your writing is an inspiration :)

  2. Thanks K once again for another gem, ( that is). I have joined the place and absolutely love it there. Have done 3 posts so far.