Tuesday, September 28, 2010


For the last several years I have had one mp3 player after another, each with consecutively more memory than the one before it.  I also keep a PDA in which I track appointments, access the internet and edit writing documents if I am away from a computer.  This was long, tedious and not very easy with the tiny buttons and the stylus.  Additionally, I carry a portable HD video cam with me...I had to have it.  It was inexpensive, high quality, compact (as small as my cell phone), and versatile.  And as most of you, I have a cell phone that serves many functions other than talking (and quite frankly, I'd rather text than talk).  I guess I sound kind of gadgety, and I guess that might be a fair assumption.  My son has been telling me to get an I-pod, which I have always seen as an excessively expensive extravagance.  Recently, I have changed my mind about this.
My husband kindly gifted me with the newest Ipod, and I love it!  My PDA and my mp3 player and my camera all in one!  Well, this post isn't going to end with me extolling the virtues and benefits of the Ipod.  Instead, I wanted to share something with you all that is totally new for me (although I am quite sure that you all are much more savvy and with it than I am).  The podcast.
I have come upon two terrific podcast series that I think you all will totally appreciate.
I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty is a totally ingenious and inspirational podcast series covering all aspects of writing along with guest interviews and even a few vid-casts thrown in the mix.  Check it out.  You can sign up for the newsletter, and if you have an Ipod (or any kind of mp3 player) you can download the casts, or you can just listen on your pc.
The Writing Show by Paula B is another cast of interest that you might want to give a go.
If any of you check it out, check back in and let me know what you think/learned/like/didn't like.

Lastly, today is the 28th, which means that Chapter 9-Siti on Segher of H&T will be out in a day or so.  We are working on the last edit and all of the art is complete.  Almost ready to go.
Writer's block?  Still there...but I think it is starting to shake loose.  

I would like to give a grateful shout out to Alice.  She left a wonderfully kind comment on one of my latest posts and I will always appreciate it.  That comment made my day in the biggest way!  Thanks Alice.

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