Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dreaded Block

So....about a week or so of writer's block.  Not that I haven't been writing anything, just not in the volume or fluidity that I like.  You know how it feels when you're in the zone.  Words just drop off the end of your fingers like honey, heavy and sweet.  Right now, for me, the words are like, I don't know...vinegar from a stone.  Hard to come by and not so sweet.
I found a neat article online that gives some tips on hacking your way out of writer's block.  Check it out.
All you writer's out there.  I know that you know what I mean.  Haven't we all suffered from bouts of this nasty affliction?  You and I know that the best way to beat back the block is to keep writing, no matter what, even if it is JUNK.  But who wants to write junk?  Not me.
Tell me what you do to get unstuck when you are afflicted with the block.

On the flip side, the nice side, "The Artist" completed the pics for Chapter 8, which will be up by Tuesday night.  I have to say, and I am probably very biased, but I am loving the direction that H&T is going.  The characters are growing in the way that I wish and the pace, which I am purposefully keeping pretty tight and quick, is moving along as the fast lane.  I am a bit behind with my chapters though.  I have two more complete unpublished chapters and I am working on another.  I always wished to keep at least four chapters ahead, for instances like this, when I am stuck.  Not that I don't have any idea of the direction of H&T.  Fortunately, I know exactly what I want to see happen in the next four or so chapters...but writing it down?  My brain won't cooperate with me.  Hopefully by November, when I hope to join in on the NaNoWriMo challenge I will be ahead enough not to worry while I concentrate on that story.  My hope is to continue to publish H&T while writing my novel-in-a-month in November.  I do not want H&T to suffer while I concentrate on something new.
For those of you who plan to do NaNoWriMo, how will you manage your blog too?  Or will you go on hiatus?

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  1. Thanks for the link. Sometimes I find that changing my focal character helps me get into a story. Then again, if I try a lot of different ways to tell a story and it's just not working, I'll conclude that it must not be the right story or the right time for it. One has to be open to that possibility.