Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping the Muse Going

Not sure how many of you all subscribe to writing magazines.  My particular favorites are Poets&Writers and Writers Digest, in that order.
Writer's Digest offers, on a monthly basis, great writing tips that help the writer to organize and stay focused.  Poets&Writers offers a spectacular look into the industry of writing and publishing and keeps us abreast on write contests, grants and fellowships.  P&W also introduces us to little known authors indie publishing houses.
I wanted to share a couple of links at the P&W website that you all may find helpful in the effort to keep the Muse alive, spirits and hopes up, and encouraged to submit our work for possible publication.
If anyone of you has something interesting or helpful to add regarding the process, speak up!
Poets&Writers submission calendar.  Check in every month for updates:
Poets&Writers Literary Magazine Database. Looking for places to submit your poetry or fiction?:


  1. I've read Writers Digest, and it's definitely a good publication, but I don't subscribe to it.

  2. I get so busy that I don't always have time to get to the book store. Subscribing is easier and cheaper for me.
    You are right, good publication.

  3. Havent read writer's digest yet, but will definitely give it a try