Saturday, August 21, 2010

Computer Issues and Chapter 7

So, had to take my computer into the Geek Squad today for issues so I am locked down to the desktop until it is returned.  I am very fortunate and must be grateful to God for being so blessed as to have access to so much ready technology.  I can continue working on H&T regardless...just not from the comfort of my bed.  Right?

Well, Chapter 7 is coming along nicely.  Only requiring a bit of editing...not much, because this chapter has essentially been written and ready for some time now.  Just waiting on The Artist to get moving on the art.  I have combined much of Chapter 8 with it, which I have been thinking about doing for a while.  On its own, Chapter 7 was bit short, but also, much of Chapter 8 was, of course, quite connected to Chapter there you go.  Chapter 8 (what's left of it) will morph into something else.  It was already a two part-er, kind of chapter, but now I will take the time to elaborate on the idea.  It will introduce a new character, previously mentioned in an earlier chapter....Can anyone guess who it might be?  This new character will be integral in bringing about some interesting changes as yet not written but solidly planned for.  This character will be a sort of a monkey wrench.  Don't we all like monkey wrenches?  Something to throw everything off kilter and frustrate characters? Yes!  Can't wait to get that piece of writing done.

Check you all later.

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