Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I Need the Most

Well, I almost said electricity and Internet, but that would be a bit of blasphemy.  Of course, I need God first and foremost.  Then I need electricity and internet.

I recently had a conversation with a few acquaintences where we discussed the items that we would require to maintain a happy life, those things that without, we would be lost.  Top of the list was television, electricity, running water, cell phones.  I said, "You can lock me in my bedroom and all I need is my computer and working internet."  Well not really, I know.  It's not like I can eat and drink air to survive, and I will need to use a bathroom or else things could get messy pretty fast.  My sentiment however is a testament to the way our society has developed, and not necessarily for the best.  Computers and internet and cell phones are terrific tools, but they also serve to hinder our most primal instinctual abilities.  In other words, we are bipedal for a reason, but who'd guess it if all we do is sit and type and chat/text on the phone.  Right?

All of this rang true on Friday and Saturday.  The internet went out.  Completely dead.  We searched for an open wi-fi connection in the neighborhood.  Linksys and Belkin have both learned to encrypt their wi-fi and effectively shut us out; just when we needed them most.  ; ) There are five people in my home.  I am ashamed to admit that there are five, count'em five, laptops in my home and a desktop.  This should give you clear insight as to the degree of dependence my family has on modern technology.  In different ways, my children all expressed the same sentiment, "What am I going to do without the internet?"  I admit it, I said the same thing.  I couldn't check my email, catch up on my blogging, search for infomation...  We were stumped. 

But its worse.  I decided at one point, I'll just do some exercise.  How?  I turned on the Wii and exercised with graphic virutal people.  Really?  I had to laugh at that.

What can you NOT live without?  You can answer here on in the poll in the margins.

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  1. After Ike, we were without power for one week and without internet for another two weeks after that. Three weeks with no internet! It was horrible. Luckily we live a block away from work, and there was electricity and internet there, so it wasn't as bad as it could've been. It was bad enough, though.

    Ike was the reason I quit promoting Steal Tomorrow and quit writing flash fiction, tribe sketches and character sketches for it for awhile. Improvising your life for a week can really take the shine off writing about people improvising theirs.