Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Posting Tonight!

I am happy to say that "The Artist" and I are running ahead of schedule and we will be posting Chapter 5 - Shifting tonight!  The art is phenomenal and thanks to the superb, honest, spot on, wonderfully constructive feedback from S.A.Hunter (check out her blog on my blog roll), I think this chapter will read well.  If it doesn't, I want you guys to let me know.  I want you to want to read H&T as much as I want to write it.  I believe in Honor and I want you all to believe in her too.  So give it to me!

Look for the posting later tonight.

If you are interested in seeing S.A. Hunter's critique of H&T click here and scroll down.  If you'd like to critique H&T, the Web Fiction Guide is the place to do it.

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