Monday, July 5, 2010

What Happened to the Fat People?

I am a sci-fi geek. Well, not a geek. You won't meet me at a Star Trek/Wars convention, but on occasion I may answer your query with a Spock quote. "Live long and prosper."
When you watch as many ST reruns as I do, you often stop actually seeing the story and you begin to see the inherent flaws these movies and programs have. One of the thoughts that always comes to my mind is the manner on which human flaws are dealt with. So called flaws (let me clarify).
Star trek has done a good job woth this in many aspects. Laforge is blind. Picard os bald. Um...Kirk is...something else. Have you ever wondered though, what happened to all of the fat people?
Has the fat gene been eliminated?
Has fat been disallowed, punishable by law? (Boy, would i be in trouble.)
Has food been engineered in such a way that no one can get fat?
Or is it that all of the fat people are civilians and therfore we don't see them?
I guess it can be argued that, "This isn't real!" and therefore, "What do you expect?!"
Just thought I would pose the question.

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