Saturday, July 3, 2010

Future Present

I have been asked a couple of times about H&T.  "What time is the story set in?"  My answer is always future present.

I went online and Googled this term, and came up with nothing that matched.  So, does this mean that there is no such thing?  Well, I assert that there is, but that the term is not static.  For me future present means a time in our near future where there are things/ideas/concepts that are not totally alien to us, and yet there are some technological advancements or even de-advancements (if there is a such thing).  What I think about most often is how our lack of care for our environment, and compassion for our fellow human beings might change or diminish our lives as we now know it.  I think about the warring, religious strife, political arrogance, and sanctioned will these things affect our future lives?  Will we be better or worse?  I suppose that my view is less than optimistic.  

H&T is fiction.  Futuristic.  But with so many present day elements that the world/society still feels familiar.  To me anyway.  In my imagination.  Which admittedly is sometimes quite intertwined with reality.  If not, how could I,or anyone else, write fiction.  Fiction requires being able to exist on more than one plane at a single time.

What does future present mean to you?

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