Friday, July 23, 2010


Today I checked into the Web Fiction Guide where H&T is listed.  What should I find but a review of H&T on the front page.  The front page.

It wasn't good.

There is a rating system, five stars, the more you have the better your blog is.  How many did H&T get?

None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.  0.

What did the reviewer say about H&T?

I'll spare you all and myself (sniff sniff) the gruesome details and hit just the highlights.

To make it simple, it appears that I have been making a common writing mistake.  Too much show, too little tell.  Lots of blah blah blah.  (How come none of you told me as much?)  Okay.  I can take that.  In fact I relish this critique, because while I admit to being sensitive about my writing, I'd be way more upset if it really did suck and no one told me.  (Ahem!)  This review came right in time too.  I am in the midst of already extreme editing with the next chapter that will be published by the 1st.  So now, it'll be a little more extreme.

This is the last paragraph of S.A. Hunter's critique of H&T: "Honor is an intriguing character. She has all the elements of becoming a strong heroine. The text just needs some careful editing and fleshing out. If the author can present the scene, rather than telling us about it, her story will be very interesting to follow."

Thanks S.A. Hunter.  I'll do my best.


  1. I am so sorry, K. I didn't give it zero stars, I just decided to forgoe the whole star system and not fill out a rating. I felt it wouldn't be right to give a star rating since your work was so new and still developing. I should've put something about that in the review, but didn't even think about it. I've gone back and given it 3 stars which for me is the standard. 4 stars for stuff I really like, 4 1/2 for superior, and I haven't even given anything 5 stars. I'm pretty stingy with stars, and since everyone has different star requirements, I just think the whole star system is flawed. I hope this makes up for some of the heartache. I didn't think you'd interpret it as zero stars. I am so sorry for that. I will very happily read your story again when it's further along to do another review.

  2. S.A. Hunter,
    Thank you for amending the rating that you gave me.

    Allow me to clarify that by no means was I put off by your critique of Honor&Truth. I totally welcome and want solid constructive criticism, and this is exactly what you gave me. How else would I improve?

    I have only one request, please do come back from time to time and let me know what you think. The best part of writing, is being read.

  3. Oh yes, and btw, S.A.Hunter, I am adding your blog to my blogroll. I think your writing is superb.

  4. Nice of SA to drop in and explain; seeing zero stars must have been a shock.

    I'm too new around here to be able to comment one way or another, but one thing I've learned in this, my fifth year of posting fiction on the web, you won't get a lot of constructive criticism. Just a lot of kudos. Double-edged sword, right there...

  5. It was very nice, and appreciated.

    A double edge sword...ouch.

  6. web fiction guide seems like a nice place to get ur work evaluated, may be I should give it a try.

    By the way K, have u ever been to, do give it a try as well.

  7. Yes. You should try WFG. I'll definitely look at zoetrope today. Thanks Lev.

  8. Yes, when you post excerpts, you need to be clear that you're inviting constructive feedback "for each piece".

    A lot of times an author just want someone to read and point out what works. Unsolicited critiques can be hurtful to some authors.

    I'll bear in mind when I come back you're not offended by constructive feedback :)