Thursday, July 8, 2010

Checking In

Well, lots of new ideas today and little time to get them down in I'll be brief.

Had to find a way to edit in a segue from Chapter 3 to Chapter 4...thought of it on my way home from work and voiced it into the recorder on my phone.  Besides conceiving new ideas for the following chapters (of which I already have the rudimentary beginnings up to Chapter 7) I am working on character sketches so that I can KNOW everyone well enough to predict their next moves.  I have already done this for Honor and Evera, but I have work to do.

Ever have a lot of ideas and be afraid you'll forget them all before you can get them onto paper?  That is how I am feeling right now.  So, off I go!  Also, trying to fit in the time to keep reading Steal Tomorrow.  Absolutely good stuff.

Talk to you later...

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