Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chapter 4 - First Sense

Before parting ways, Evera warned Honor that if she entered Sinistral City at that hour she was sure to be picked up by the Sinistral City Authorities.  The ten o’clock curfew had long since passed.  Evera led Honor to a long deserted Midling looking post carved out of the trunk of a wide ancient oak.  The hinged door was covered in old bark and covered over again with vines.  The lock only engaged from the inside.  A twin size mattress covered the entire floor made of soil and the ragged remains of the carved out roots.  There were a couple of threadbare blankets wrapped in an old plastic bag and they seemed clean.  There was also an oil lamp fashioned from an old coffee can and salvaged glass that hung from a metal stake hammered into the wall.  A peephole had been carved out in the trunk, which provided a view of the road.


  1. It's nice to see that there are sympathizers in the city. I had been a little concerned on that point.

  2. When there are contraints upon our freedoms, there will always be descent, ie. sympathizers. Thanks for reading.

  3. FYI, you may want to check out Weekend Writer's Retreat. Some of us post short stories, others post chapters from serialized novels. I think we may have had a poet once, too. There are about six of us who link there regularly, but we'd love to have others.

  4. Its very nicely written. The quality of the prose is pretty impressive. Sound writing.

    Clearly it is something I have yet to figure how to acquire, I always felt that every time I write something down and read it to myself, it always tend to sound a little arcane and offbeat (or may be its just me!)

    But hats off to you, keep it up :)

  5. Hi Leviathan.
    Thanks for checking in and reading.

    And, thanks for the compliment. I think I still have a long way to go as far as my prose...I never want it to sound contrived. I work really hard on that. I think that lots of reading, even the awful stuff is important. And of course, editing...or rather being willing to ditch a lot of the fluff in order to get to the bones of a piece.
    When you read to yourself, do you read out loud? I do and this has helped immensely.

    Thanks again, Leviathan. Please keep coming back.

  6. Thanks Ann. I'll be there!

  7. I will definitely keep coming back.

    I find ur posts regarding the different facets of writing very useful and I also value ur suggestions regarding my posts on the blog,

    And regarding reading aloud approach, no, I haven't as yet, but will definitely give it a try,

    btw, I have also posted a follow up of my previous post on the blog yesterday,