Friday, July 2, 2010

Book Number Four

If any of you are familiar with the Christopher Paolini books then you probably know about how a planned trilogy became a quadrilogy with one scene.  Paolini, who had  planned to write his Inheritance Trilogy in the obvious, three books, wrote a scene that went on for nearly 100 pages and completely changed the trajectory of his story.  The Inhereitance Trilogy morphed into the Inheritance Cycle.

This is how I am feeling about this third chapter.  I am embroiled in an internal struggle.  Though I know what I must do...let the story go where is insists on going, I am still fighting it.  I want this chapter to wrap itself up so that I can go forward.  But it isn't happening that way.

It isn't quite as bad as I make it sound though.  It hasn't gotten that far away from me.  I have a set idea for about how long I want each chapter to be.  Not too short, but not so long that you guys get tired reading it on a computer screen.  I am close to wrapping up this new Chapter 3, however, it is longer than planned.  Cutting it short will compromise the movement and my principles for writing.  I have what I want, and that is a cast of characters that reveal themselves to me when they are ready and who show me what they are doing as opposed to me telling them what to do.  In the final analysis, I have to do what they say.

I guess I just want them to get on with it.

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