Monday, June 28, 2010

More To Come

Chapter 3 is well under way.  As I always say, and I insist that I am write, writing is the easy part.  Editing is the booger.  It is my hope to have Chapter 3 published by Sunday with the corresponding art, but I think that my partner will surprise me by upstaging me this time.  I think that "The Artist" will be done with the art before I can manage a good edit.

I began by posting chapters here, on the home page, but now that things are moving along, I am posting the chapters to separate pages and you can access them in the side bar.
I am having immense fun writing this.  

In Chapter 3, "The Artist" and I will introduce two new pivotal characters, Malak and Alia.  Check in with Honor&Truth on Sunday to meet them.

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  1. So, I came upon this little blog on a fluke. I like it. Fun read and I do intend to keep coming back.
    Honor is interesting. I wanna know what else she can do...